Associated keywords refer to the categorization texts that serve to organize podcast content within larger aggregate sites. In this metadata analytics visualization, you will be able to find which words are most often grouped together in relation to your query. The larger the word within the Word Cloud, the more often these terms are grouped together. Clicking on the word will allow you to access the database and display the podcasts that refer to both the keyword that you have queried and the chosen associated keyword. You may choose whether you would like to find associated keywords as it applies to podcasts in its entirety, per singular episode, or both by toggling the buttons in the menu.

This data analytics visualization aids in showing the frequency of any queried term within the database. This includes words found in titles, descriptions, and keywords. By clicking on each node, you will be able to access the content in the database that refer to that specific keyword as it applies temporally. You may choose whether to track a query as divided by year or by month by toggling the buttons in the menu.